Why pendants should be your first choice, when buying a jewelry gift

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Because my family is dominated by females, and due to the fact that I work with jewelry, I have learnt that jewelry is a special gift that ladies like to receive. But honestly it has been a while since I last bought an item of jewelry, as a gift for anyone.

However if I was to buy an item of jewelry for a loved one what type would it be? Not a question that comes up all the time I’m sure, but most people do have to deal with this or a similar question from time to time.


Perhaps it is a loved ones birthday, your anniversary or even that time of year when you need to buy a gift for a seasonal holiday, or simply looking to buy a gift as a token of love. If you are lucky enough to have that special someone in your life then I am sure the same sort of question has come up a few times.

So you are thinking of or even decided to buy a gift for a loved one, and have chosen to buy them an item of jewelry. The next question is what type to get them. Now let’s just imagine that you have no idea of what type of jewelry they would like and appreciate. In which case it gives you the choice of choosing from any of the following:

The most common types:

  • Rings
  • Necklaces / Chains / Pendants
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Pins / Cufflinks

Now ignore for the moment that all of which can be bought in a range of materials, ranging from various colors of gold to other metals including silver and platinum. All of which can also come fitted with diamonds, or a range of gems, as well as Roman Glass (Which is a growing trend) In a range of both regular, fashion and even custom jewelry. All of which can these days be made to fit almost every budget. However after you have decided on the areas within this paragraph, you are still left with which type of item to buy them.


Now don’t expect to learn anything from this blog in the way of gaining advice with regards to material quality or where best to buy from, nor even what to consider with regards to budget and fashion styles. This is because there are countless of online posts covering those areas. Instead I will focus on information that I think is important to consider before buying items of jewelry for loved ones. These questions full into four categories, which are:

  1. Sensitivity
  2. Wear
  3. Security and Safety
  4. Meaning


Considering loved ones feelings should always come above many of the other considerations. Frankly I am shock and bewildered that there are not tones of items written about this issue, after all buying an item of jewelry for the most part is a sign of love and affection. So when choosing to buy an item there are aspects which could cause potential emotional suffering to the receiver. Here is a common issue that I hear of.

You have chosen to buy a ring or a bracelet for a loved one in a size that you thought was their size, however since you last bought them that type of gift they may have put on a little extra weight and so when you give them items like rings, and bracelets they may not fit due to weight issues so could cause negative feelings. So to avoid this either check their size or choose from another category of jewelry


This aspect has less to do with emotions and more to do with fashion and practicalities. Meaning that such items as flashy and bold bracelets, necklaces and earrings may not go with every outfit so can not be used as often as an item that does not stand out as much for example a nice simple chain and pendant. Also you can not wear some items all the time due to the fact that the wearer may damage them, and the same needs to be considered with some gem rings too.


None of us ever want to think of our loved ones getting attacked or robbed. But let’s face it, we are living in an ever increasingly dangerous world, and so wearing flashy rings, necklaces, bracelets or even earrings could place unwanted attention onto our loved ones. So why not choose something a little more discreet. Or another suggestion would be to stick to items that can come off with ease if needed.


Now any and most items can hold meaning if given out of love. But I am referring to items that in themselves hold meaning. Like a Star of David, Chai, Hamsa or even a Cross, all of which hold meanings to the wearer. Some even hold protective and positive powers within so can benefit the wearer more then they know. These pendants can be bought in a range of jewelry but go nicest on a nice plain chain.

So to conclude I think given the opportunity, the next time you are choosing an item for a loved one, I recommend some simply nice like a nice chain and pendant.

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