Why coins should be the new Star of David

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Gold ancient coing ringFor years I believed that wearing a Star of David was the main way to show the world that I or any other was a proud Jew. Yet at the time I know very little both about Judaism and even why wearing a star gives me or so many others a connection to our Jewish roots.


As a child I had very little knowledge of what being a Jew meant. Sadly enough I am not the only one who grow up not knowing. It’s a very sorry fact that there are many children who grow up all over the world not know that they have such a deep and rich heritage.
Imagine for yourself what it must be like as a child from a non observant family growing up as a Jew. Have in mind that this is not referring to the children born and raised in the former Soviet Union or hostile Arab countries, but rather the thousands that are born in modern friendly locations like the States, UK and even Israel.

Place yourself in their shoes, those children may or may not have gone to a Jewish day school. Even if they did, they were likely to have got a very water downed version of Judaism. At home they may have gotten some form of religious education, but again for most only the basics.

In their own time they may have tried to research what being Jewish means, however have in mind that like the millions of adults out there, we never had the help of the internet. So at best they managed to learn about the famous kings, leaders and characters, in addition to Israel and Zionism. Or at worse they learned about the sufferings that our people received. There were those who did find some resources which really helped inspire them, but those resources where not as readily available as they are today.

The Star of David

Assuming that you have been following so far, it is clear to see that it is probably due to them conditions that many people choose to wear a Star of David as a way to show their pride.

Now wearing a Star of David means so much more too so many people, and in itself holds a lot of intrinsic value. However this post is not going to go over the many benefits or the important meanings that the symbol itself possesses. For that there are many other items within this site or on Google covering that topic.

The alternatives

Today with all the great resources available it is easy to find alternatives to the Star of David. But the harder question is how to choose a good alternative. Well if you are looking for symbols which are readily available and also connected to important times or historical people then it narrows down the selection a lot.

A great alternative

Due to all the archeological digging all around Israel over the years, ancient coins have become common. So as a result those coins have in turn been transformed into beautiful and affordable jewelry items. Having those coins turned into Jewelry is a good thing because it has allows individuals to own a piece of history.

You may be thinking, where is he going with this, and the answer is simple. There are many coins that have been discovered which have been linked to important events. For example times when the nation of Israel had to fight the Romans and other enemies. So it seems really fitting to show our pride by wearing an item of jewelry that was once held in a hand of those brave Jews who lived and fought for their freedom.

These are the type of coins that can be bought and shown off with pride:

    • Bar Kokhba Coins
    • King Agrippa Coins
    • Maccabean – Hasmonean Coins
    • Masada Coins

So why not consider an item of jewelry that contains one of the coins mentioned as a way to show your pride.

If you are interested in reading more regarding this subject I recommend this blog post: www.newfashionblog.net/hold-history-in-your-hand-ancient-coin-jewelry.html

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