What is with those who wear name jewelry?

Posted by naama on August 8, 2012 under Name Necklaces | Be the First to Comment

The Question

Is it just me or do you also see people around the streets or in the office wearing name jewelry,name on pendant and think to yourself why do they do it? I am not sure about you, but as fear back as I could remember I honestly was never impressed with this type of jewelry, however that was in the past.

In the past

When I noticed people wearing names around their necks or around their hands or even on their fingers, I used to cringe. Not because there is anything wrong with this type of jewelry, as there is nothing wrong with it. Now that I know more about how we think and the workmanship that goes into producing each item, I am less concerned and now even admire some of them.

However coming from the inner city and recalling the locals whom covered themselves with tattoos, many of whom would either have their name or a loved one tattooed onto their bodies. Now there is nothing wrong with having something with your name or a name of a loved one on. However defacing the body to do so, to me just seems a little too much and over the top.

Wearing a banner or showing a name is not a new thing, for hundreds of year’s people have been showing off their names, to indicate their importance. This however used to be in a way of a badge or crest. These days we also accustom importance to wealth.

The way forward

We all know that wealth is often shown by displaying our wealth, and this can be done by jewelry, amongst other things. As such people like to show off with their jewelry. There are those who like to do this with their names, as it sends to other peoples subconscious, that the wearer must indeed be important.

The above reason is just one reason why people like to buy their names in gold or silver and sometimes both. However I like to think that people buy and put on either gold name rings or gold name necklaces to show their love. This is done buy presenting their loved ones with items that display their names. Doing it this way makes something that could come off as cheap, look amazing.

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