What are Tallit Clips Used for and How to Look Great When Wearing Them?

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Roman Glass tallit clipA tallit clip is a piece of Judaica jewelry with three parts. It has two clips with a thin chain connecting them. The clips are useful in keeping shawls in place to enhance your look.

History of Tallit Clips

Tallit is another word for a prayer shawl, often used by Jewish people. This shawl is large and covers the back and arms during prayer time. When a man of the Jewish faith prays, it typically involves going from a standing to a sitting position. The large shawl may move or fall off during this transition, thus the necessity of a tallit clips. The clips make thoughtful gifts for a groom who is about to marry, people of the Jewish faith or those who collect Judaica jewelry.

Uses for Tallit Clips

Connecting the clips to either side of a heavy prayer shawl helps keep it from shifting during your activities at work, prayer or during leisure time. Tallit clips are also useful to prevent a knot or simply to use as an ornate piece of jewelry to draw attention to a decorative scarf.

Choosing Tallit Clips

Tallit clips come in a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes. Some feature traditional Jewish symbols while others are simple gold or silver square shapes. The tallit clips also come in whimsical or elegant designs that add a fun or classic look to your ensemble.

Coordinate the tallit clip with the other jewelry you wear. For instance, if you look best in warm colors and normally wear yellow gold jewelry; purchase a yellow gold tallit clip. If you typically wear silver or white gold jewelry, choose a tallit clip out of the same metal.

Some tallit clips are available imbedded with diamonds, birthstones or other colored gems. Coordinate these stones with the colors you are wearing in your outfit for the most attractive look.

Base the size and clip design on what looks best with the shawl you are wearing. For instance, if you wear a shawl that is lightweight and has a sheer look, choose a smaller tallit clip. This prevents a heavier clip from detracting from the airy look of the shawl. On the other hand, a tiny tallit clip will seem to disappear in the bulk of a thicker shawl that has a great deal of texture in the weave.

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