The evil eye – How to guard against it

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What do you know about the ways you can protect yourself from Evil Eye? Do you believe it exists? Learn interesting facts and ancient customs about it.

Can Jealous Thoughts Affect You?

Have you ever felt jealous of some else’s success? It could be their job, their spouse, wealth or children. Jealousy is an emotion and a judgment that I want what the other person has and I think they really don’t deserve it. It is a negative emotion and most healthy people try to stay clear of it. But human beings are just that – human. Jealousy does exist. The question is, can you hurt someone else by thinking angry thoughts about them and can someone else’s negative thoughts affect you.

Belief In the Evil Eye

Evil Eye Gold PendantIn ancient cultures, many people believed in the power of what they called the ‘evil eye’ to cause harm. The belief was that if a person looked at you with envy and the intention to harm you, this could have dire consequences. This was especially prominent in the Middle East and the Mediterranean countries and continues until today. Talismans to ward off the ‘evil eye’ are worn on the body or placed on a wall in the home. One of the most popular in Arabic countries is the Hamsa which is in the shape of a hand with an open eye at the center. Other practices to ward off the evil eye include not praising a child openly or telling another how many children you have.

In Judaism there is a custom to say “bli ayin hara” (without the evil eye) after telling someone some good news, especially concerning children. In the classic work Ethics of the Fathers, Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakai asks his disciples, which is the evil way that a man should distance himself from and Rabbi Eliezer answers, an ‘evil eye’. He answers a similar question about the good way a man should follow, saying that a ‘good eye’ is the way to go. A good eye is the attitude that when your friend or neighbor rejoices with good news, that you rejoice with him. A bad eye is when your friend’s good news actually distresses you and you see his success as taking something away from you. With this attitude it is impossible to feel joy at another’s good fortune.

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

It was once thought that our circumstances create our reality, meaning the way we think and feel. Our family of origin, our nature, the location we grew up and what happens in our life were thought to create our world. Other people’s thoughts, speech, and actions could affect us for good or evil. Now the revelations of positive psychology tell us that we create our reality by the way we think. Our thoughts are actually invisible forces that can change our physical circumstances. Returning to our question, can someone’s negativity affect you? Thoughts are energetic vibrations so if you are holding negative vibrations in your mind about yourself then they will match those of the other person and create circumstances that may hurt you. But if you are holding positive thoughts about yourself, then the other’s person’s thoughts cannot affect you. Can amulets against the ‘evil eye’ really protect you? If you believe in the power of the amulet, then that very belief will create protection in one’s mind and negative forces won’t be able to harm you.

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