Do you know the hidden mysteries of your name?

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Gold Name bracelet with an Hebrew name on itWell the question I posed above may never have crossed your mind before you read the title. However I assure you that there are many people out there who spend countless hours pondering on the meanings of names. However even if you are not one of them, I assume you may have to at some point think seriously about naming a child. If that is the case wouldn’t you like to give your offspring a name of importance and one with good meaning, rather then picking one out of a hat?

The Source

The people who believe that names hold deep meanings are not your hippy airy fairy type. Rather they place real emphasis on learning the deeper meaning of things. Those people are called Kabbalists (Jewish Mystics), and they study a subject called Kabbalah, which translates as “receiving”, meaning they literally learn to receive the secrets of that which is hidden.

At this point I must state that there are strict guidelines on who is allowed to study the subject. For example you have to be at least 40 years old married with children as well as male. Furthermore the people, who are real Kabbalists, will never promote that fact. So at this stage I can state that I am not a Kabbalists, and neither is the singer Madona.

Kabbalah itself was introduced to the world by a famous Rabbi called Isaac Luria, who lived in 15th century Jerusalem. He is also known as the Ari and the Arizal. He is believed to be one of the greatest kabbalists of all times.

What is Kabbalah?

The simplest way to explain Kabbalah, would be to call it the study of the Hebrew language, mainly within the texts of the Torah (Jewish Bible) and other Jewish holy writings. In fact it is the study of the Hebrew letters and there meanings.

Each letter holds a numerical value and when combined within a word that word also holds meaning. Each letter in addition to having a physical numeric value also holds something deeper. Well it is believed that each letter of the holy Hebrew language is said to hold deep spiritual powers too.

The evidence for this comes from the first book of the Torah, which states that G*d created the world with “speech” using the 22 holy letters of the Hebrew alphabet to create everything. As a result each Hebrew letter also acts as a vassal to bring spiritual energy down from the upper worlds into the physical world.

What’s that mean to me?

Coming back down to earth, you are probably thinking at this point how is any of this relevant to me? Well if you have been following, each letter and series of letters holds power. So as a result each of our names holds intrinsic powers within that can indicate a bit about who we are on a deeper level. This is because our names represent the combination of sacred letters that reflects our distinct characteristics and the purpose and role towards which our name where created.

To make it a little bit easier to understand think of a Hebrew name as your spiritual DNA. This DNA holds the makeup of our character and traits given to us as gifts by G*d. Furthermore our unique name and date of birth makeup the channel from which we receive our unique spiritual energy.

Learning more

So the next time you are blessed with a child, think carefully about the name you will give them. As this subject is extremely deep and I have barely touched it, I would recommend learning more about what your name means if you think it will be of interest to you.

I would have loved to cover your name in detail; however that would not be possible within this blog. But not to worry as there are many locations online or great books that you can read to learn more about this area.

However you will need to be careful as there are many sites and organizations that claim to offer the genuine secrets of the Kabbalah, and it is sad to say that many of them are fakes.

However if all that is a little too deep for you, then why not simply own an item with your Hebrew on it?
Individuals who are proud of their Jewish roots often wear Hebrew name items, like necklaces, bracelets and even rings to show their identity.

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