The difference between treated and untreated Roman Glass

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What is Roman Glass?

Before I write about the differences, it is a good idea to explain what Roman Glass is. Well it is Silver Roman Glass Pendantnot hard to guess, but to clarify in simple words it is glass which was made throughout the Roman period.

The timescale of when it was made is most likely between the years of 27 BC until 476 Common Era, which was the time when the Romans where at their strongest. However it is likely the material was also made later on in history. As although Rome stopped being the power it once was, it lasted a further five hundred years. It is also likely that even after the Roman Empire toppled that people continued to make glass the same way. Read more of this article »

Cleaning Roman Glass Jewelry – Do’s, Don’ts and Definitely-Don’ts

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Can roman glass jewelry be cleaned? If so – how do you clean it? – these are questions that we get asked about roman glass jewelry every now and then. Because this is an important question in jewelry maintenance, read this first before even touching your roman glass jewelry.

Cleaning Jewelry in General

Everybody knows that jewelry needs to be cleaned every once in a while, especially gold wedding rings or handmade silver earrings. But what about roman glass jewelry? Well, roman glass jewelry needs cleaning too, but it needs extra special attention – you can’t clean it with just anything. So what should you do?

Definitely-Don’ts for Roman Glass Jewelry

Let’s start with the definitely-don’ts: Don’t get roman glass jewelry wet. If you search the internet for ways to cleanthis kind of jewelry, you’ll find some websites that will tell you to place the jewelry in a “mind jewelry-cleaning solution”. This is NOT good advice and NOT a good idea! If you’ve read such advice then you should know: This is not advice from a professional roman glass jewelry manufacturer.

Every professional, authentic, roman glass jeweler knows that roman glass jewelry will chemically react with any liquid – or even surface oil – that touches the glass. This will definitely cause discoloration and even disintegration of the glass over time. Since roman glass is 2000 years old, it should be treated as such.

Don’ts for Roman Glass Jewelry

For the same reason, when it comes to roman glass jewelry – take care to stick to the following guidelines:

  • Take off your jewelry before getting into the shower
  • Don’t go swimming with the jewelry on.
  • Try to avoid very humid places because the humidity may react with the jewelry as well.
  • Your roman glass jewelry shouldn’t come in contact with hairspray, perfume, body lotion etc.

One other important thing to remember about roman glass jewelry: avoid touching the glass with your fingers. Although our hands may seem clean to us, there is often a layer of surface oil on them. When coming in contact with roman glass , these oils can change the chemical elements of the glass and cause its colors to change and turn murky.

Do’s for Roman Glass Jewelry

Finally we come to what to do – how to clean roman glass jewelry: If you’re cleaning gold or silver roman glass jewelry, the best way to clean it is with a jewelry cleaning/polishing cloth. Use the cloth gently and carefully: polish all the areas you can reach without touching the roman glass. You’ll see that once the metal is polished, any roman glass jewelry will look shiny once more – when the metal is clean, the glass really stands out.

Another important “Do”, is to always consult an expert who knows his way around roman glass jewelry – whether about cleaning or repairing. There aren’t many of them to be found (Baltinester Jewelry is one of them), but it’s worth talking to them first. It would be such a shame to damage a stunning piece of roman glass jewelry.

One last thing to “Do” with roman glass jewelry: wear it in good health and enjoy the compliments from everyone around you. Whether a roman glass earrings or necklace for a woman, or roman glass cufflinks for a man, you can be sure that roman glass always makes a statement of beauty and class.