What is with those who wear name jewelry?

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The Question

Is it just me or do you also see people around the streets or in the office wearing name jewelry,name on pendant and think to yourself why do they do it? I am not sure about you, but as fear back as I could remember I honestly was never impressed with this type of jewelry, however that was in the past. Read more of this article »

Name Necklaces By Request

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Recently we were contacted via our website by a woman who was looking for Name Necklaces. This happens quite often – people contact us to inquire about name jewelry or to purchase a certain item they saw on our site. But this woman wasn’t looking for just any necklace. She wanted something special.

Why was her request so special? The client requested we create a very customized necklace for her. She wanted a white gold nameplate necklace with Hebrew block letters, decorated with sparkling diamonds. Now, a necklace with sparkling stones is one thing, but a necklace with diamond – that’s a different story altogether!

The result is before you: look at the picture above and see for yourselves. Our talented jewelers designed the letters and inserted the diamonds carefully, one by one, into their places. The end result being one of the most dazzling pieces of name jewelry we have created in a long time. And we have been in the business of creating Name Necklaces for decades! You have to agree – this one is a real beauty.

Customized Name Necklaces

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Customized jewelry came into fashion when people realized the uniqueness of its quality. Today it has earned the status of fashion statement and people proudly display their collection. Personalized name necklaces is one type of the various customized jewelry available in the market.

Origin of name necklace

Name necklace was at first wore by teenagers in the eighties as a sign of wealth but it was accepted as a style statement  when Sarah Jessica Parker sported it in one of the most popular TV shows. Renowned Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez also contributed in making name necklace a must have among fashion conscious women.

Availability of designs

Since customized jewelry is in vogue jewelers are making it a point to keep name necklaces, name rings, bracelets and cufflinks in the store. But one might not be satisfied by the designs of name necklaces as there are never enough on display. The online stores, on the other hand, have large collections of name necklaces and other customized jewelry. Sitting at home one can go through the huge collection of name necklaces and decide for the desired one.

Name Necklace as a Gift

There is no better gift for a loved one than one that expresses your feeling. Name necklace is a perfect choice as a gift item as it is unique, durable, creative and personal. Name necklace is a gift that cannot be passed over to someone else and therefore is exclusive. One should keep this in mind that making a name necklace takes time so one must keep enough time in hand before placing an order. The simple thought that a person took so much trouble to have a gift custom made wins over the person who is gifted with a personalized name necklace.
name Necklaces


Name necklaces are made of different metals like gold, silver, platinum, etc One can go for the more conventional look by opting for gold name necklace or try to be more fashionable and opt for white gold instead. Needless to say that the more people are ordering for name necklaces the more variety of designs are popping up in the market. Every individual has his own individual taste and therefore comes up with something unique. There are, however, options like double layered lettering, single layered lettering and also triple layered lettering sometimes. Adding precious stones and diamond to the name necklaces enhances its beauty to the fullest. Since, it is a personalized jewelry one can choose the font of lettering for the name necklace. The trend of using Hebrew lettering is also in demand.

Man made or machine made—which one you should choose?

Machine made name necklaces has the finish and shine but lacks the compassion that a man made name necklace has. Man made name necklace can covey the thought of how much one cares very truly. Handcrafted baby name necklaces portray the love and affection one feels for the new born. These name necklaces sometimes have the birth stone embedded on the name necklace. A man made name necklace becomes a life-long asset and is very apt at conveying the fact that the owner is special.

Online Stores

Shopping online is always convenient. If one goes from shop to shop searching for a perfect design for her name necklace it will cost him or her money, time, and energy. On the other hand, surfing through the net at home for online stores is a more economic option. Moreover, the online stores have large collection of designs for name necklaces and one has a lot of options to decide from. The fluid lines of the name necklaces available in online jewelry stores are unique. Equal attention is given to the forms, designs and texture of the name necklace. You can get them customized as well.

Jewish Jewelry is highly in demand!

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Welcome To Baltinester Jewish Jewelry Blog,

In the world market of jewelry business we feel that our Jewish Jewelry is highly in demand. When Jewish motifs changed from religious articles to ornamental jewelry the world witnessed a whole array of beautiful ornaments. Today it is not just another piece of jewelry but serves a dual purpose of strengthening the spiritual bond with Judaism. It is believed that it adds a sparkle of holiness to the attire.

The most popular Hebrew jewelry items that come with Jewish motifs are mainly pendants, bracelets, chains, earrings, etc. The Jewish connection like Jewish Star of David can be part of all jewelries. The leading decorative motifs of Judaica jewelry is Hebrew symbols and alphabets.

Irrespective of the religious background, Jewish young girls these days love to study in depth of the Jewish traditions. These items can work as great Bat Mitzvah jewelry gifts for them.

•    Star of David necklaces,
•    Bat Mitzvah jewelry boxes with Jewish themes
•    handmade Israeli jewelry,
•    name necklaces,
•    Hamsa earrings,
•    Shabbat candleholders,
•    Kabbalah protection jewelry like bracelets,
•    Hamsa home decor and gift items.

Motifs which are inspired from Kabbalah studies and which aspire to create positive effects on life form the main designs of Kabbalah jewelry. It mainly showcases:

•    Designed amulets
•    Luck charms
•    Fish and the eye symbols
•    Star of David pendant
•    Hamsa hand

Kabbalah jewelry like other Jewish jewelry is mostly worn to evade evil energies as it is a belief that these symbols ward off such negative influences. The Star of David Necklaces symbolizes the fact its bearer will be safe from all types of evil happenings as the star will guard him.

The Star of David necklaces are one of the most popular Jewish Jewelry and are available in gold, silver and other metals with decorative diamonds embedded on it. It contains the entire Hebrew alphabet in it. This symbol is found not only in necklaces but in pendants and bracelets as well. Say it superstition, but Jewish people love to believe that they are a religious lot and well protected from evil powers.

Jewish Pendants are very exclusive and are available mostly in symbols which signify some religious ritual or belief. Shaped like a hand and referred to also as the Hand of Miriam, this Hamsa pendant is believed to have the powers to protect from evil spirits.

The Jewish pendants help its owner to connect to Judaism. Crafted by  leading Israeli artists, a large variety of classic and unique pendants are available in different color, designs and sizes, set with diamonds, stones, Roman glass and more.

Though Jewish Jewelry has been commercialized it has kept a firm grip on its historical and religious background and that is what makes it so alluring. Online shops have been developed for offering Jewish jewelry to people from all over the world. You can place online orders and get them delivered at your place soon.