What are Tallit Clips Used for and How to Look Great When Wearing Them?

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Roman Glass tallit clipA tallit clip is a piece of Judaica jewelry with three parts. It has two clips with a thin chain connecting them. The clips are useful in keeping shawls in place to enhance your look. Read more of this article »

Thinking of having a famous style wedding ring?

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Shopping for rings

I am not sure about you, but choosing the rings where the easiest part of my wedding. I simply took my amazing wife to the shop and selected and tried on a few different rings, and then we decided bas

ed on what we both liked.

We had a few considerations, like it needed to meet the requirements fo

r a Jewish wedding, and the tone had to be inline with our skin tones. But apart from that we chose pretty simple rings.

Working with Baltinester Jewelry made me see that sometimes people do care much about their wedding rings. Our two tone Ani L’Dodi jewish wedding Ring is quite popular among wedding rings buyers.

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Why collecting Judaica is a good idea for everyone

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We love to spendCandle holders (Silver)

I personally love buying items that make me feel good about myself, and let’s be honest don’t all of us? However unlike you and everyone else, what we like is sometimes very different. That being said there are some items that are common connecters, meaning that there are certain areas that connect individuals. This is to do with the way we think and this all depends on many aspects however that is way beyond the scope of this post. Read more of this article »

On Silver, Jewish Jewelry, and Bilbo Baggins???

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Bilbo BagginsA friend of ours, lets call him “N”, is a Judaica gifts manufacturer. His specializes in silver Kiddush cups, silver candlesticks, silver Menorahs, and more. N’s warehouse was recently broken into and absolutely cleaned out!. Can you imagine coming to work one morning and discovering that your livelihood has disappeared?

You’re first thought is probably “Poor guy, but I’m sure he has insurance.” You’re right, I’m sure he does have insurance. But above and beyond the headache of putting in a claim to the insurance, there’s also the heartache of so many hours of effort and hard work gone down the drain.

This was not a random break in; this was a planned and targeted burglary. Why him? Why now? Because of the constantly increasing price of silver.

The global market price of silver is literally skyrocketing. The price of silver keeps climbing higher – percentage wise, it’s rising even more than gold (!). This is why N’s warehouse was targeted: so that the burglars could steal the silver – for its worth as raw material – and sell it on the black market to the highest bidder.

Some Unbelievable Numbers

In the past year alone the price of silver has gone up %100. That’s right – you read correctly. If in April 2010 you bought a silver Kiddush cup from us as a Bar Mitzvah gift for $250, this week in April 2011 that same Kiddush cup costs $500. The same amount of work goes into it, but the cost of raw materials is so much higher.

Why Are We Telling You All This?

We’re telling you all this because we care about our customers. We want you to know why you’re seeing higher prices advertised on our website. You know us as an honest, reputable, jewelry establishment that’s been selling Jewish jewelry and Judaica gifts for over 60 years, and we want to keep it that way.

In “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” (2001) there’s a scene where Gandalf the Grey tries to convince Bilbo Baggins to give him the famous One Ring so that the journey to destroy the ring can begin. In one of the great famous quotes from the movie Gandalf changes his tone and says: “BILBO BAGGINS! Do not take me for a conjurer of cheap tricks! I am not trying to rob you, I’m trying to help you.”

This is the case with us here at Baltinester Jewelry: we’re not trying to rob you. We want you to know why prices have changed.

You know we only sell best quality merchandise. Whether it’s Roman glass jewelry, handmade gold jewelry, name necklaces, diamond jewelry, or anything else from our catalog – you know the items are handmade with the utmost care, paying close attention to every detail.

Remember that we’re always here for you for any question or request. Always feel free to contact us about an item you’ve bought previously or you wish to buy. You can also just write us to say hi and tell us how you’re doing. And if you’re in Israel – come visit us in person. Special treatment and special prices, guaranteed.

Jewish Wedding Rings

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jewish wedding rings for The Jewish wedding ceremony

A Jewish wedding ceremony requires the groom to gift a ring to the bride and place the ring on the index finger of the bride. This ritual dates back to the ancient tradition when the grooms were required to gift a guinea to the bride as a token of their ever lasting relationship. The rings used in the wedding ceremonies are called the wedding rings. In modern times, many brides also gift jewish wedding rings to the grooms.

Origin of the jewish wedding rings

During a Jewish wedding ceremony the bride wear jewish wedding ring that they get as a gift from the groom. The origin of the jewish wedding rings can be traced back to those ancient times when gold guineas were used to be gifted. Ancient monotheistic religions like that of Judaism attached great importance to the use of gold. Gold signified power and prosperity. Therefore gold guineas were in use. In modern times the same logic applies to gifting of jewish wedding rings – to bring prosperity to the newly married couple.

But then with the price of gold touching the sky, changing trend of jewelry, would be grooms and would be brides have resorted to wedding rings forged of sterling silver, diamond or platinum.

Design of jewish wedding rings

The jewish wedding rings are usually found in two varieties – yellow gold and white gold. The white gold is an alloy of gold and a white metal (nickel, rhodium or palladium).

The basic designs of jewish wedding rings are

  • Hammered
  • Wavy
  • Floral
  • Leafy branched
  • Criss cross

The designs of the jewish wedding rings are done manually by skilled artisans

jewish wedding rings are considered to be classy as opposed to the silver or platinum rings that are considered to be trendy. The classiness of these jewish wedding rings depends on the nature of finishing done on to them by the craftsmen. The finishing touches can be polished, hammered or brushed. Classic jewish wedding rings neither contain any other metal (silver or nickel) nor are studded with any precious stones. The motto behind this is to retain the purity of the jewish wedding rings that would signify that the brides acknowledge the marriage with a pure heart.

Other than the classic designs, jewish wedding rings are engraved with the names of the brides for whom the jewish wedding rings are bought.

Price of jewish wedding rings

Price of jewish wedding rings varies anywhere between $220 and $890. Price of jewish wedding rings depend on the metal used (whether it is pure or an alloy) and the complexity of the designs. jewish wedding rings with a more complex design pattern costs more than jewish wedding rings with a simple design.

Where to buy Jewish wedding rings from?

Jewish wedding rings straight from the holy land of Jerusalem can either be bought from jewelry showrooms or through online shopping portals like Baltinester Jewelry store. Buying of Jewish wedding rings online has its own advantages. Often the shopping portals offer a discount in the market price of the Jewish wedding rings. This is coupled with the fact that the shopping portals also arrange for free shipping and home delivery of the Jewish wedding rings. Payment is done through cards.

Also these online shopping portals offer interactive services. If buyers want to customize their Jewish wedding rings, it is easily arranged. Buyers can enter the measurement of their finger and get tailor made Jewish wedding rings.

Jewish wedding rings can become part of family treasure and passed on to the next generations through inheritance. Though they are available in various other colors (white, yellow, red) it is better to opt for yellow Jewish wedding rings because the yellow Jewish wedding rings are hundred percent pure.