Why coins should be the new Star of David

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Gold ancient coing ringFor years I believed that wearing a Star of David was the main way to show the world that I or any other was a proud Jew. Yet at the time I know very little both about Judaism and even why wearing a star gives me or so many others a connection to our Jewish roots. Read more of this article »

This is how you choose a Judaica gift, and make it personal

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Silver Candel holdersI think Judaica gifts make some really unique presents for any loved one or friend. Furthermore if I am totally honest Jewish gifts make for great treats even for oneself. The great thing about these types of gifts is that although being Jewish adds an added dimension to receiving such a gift, in reality you don’t even have to be Jewish to enjoy them. As I know many Christians who enjoy decorating their homes with this type of special ornamentations. Taking it a step further you don’t even need to be religious to enjoy the special beauty of such items, this is because any person who appreciates history and traditions will surly take pleasure in such items. Read more of this article »

Jewish Holiday Gifts

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The holidays are supposed to be a time of good food and drink, sharing memories, and joyful celebration with family and friends. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find the right gift.

Holiday Gift

Confusion and consternation over what kind of gift to buy can sometimes make the holidays seem like a frustrating and stressful experience rather than a happy one. Because of this, it can be useful to have a handy list of Jewish holiday gifts to refer to in a pinch.

The reality is that there are an abundance of wonderful gift ideas out there. But with all the commotion of the holiday seasons, sometimes our eyes gloss over all of the options available. This article is designed to give some input for those feeling the pressure of the holidays. Hopefully reading it will put minds at ease, so they can get back to enjoying the more pleasant aspects of the season.

Special Havdalah Sets, Just for You!

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We at Baltinester Jewelry offer the perfect solution. Available for purchase is a gorgeous one of a kind silver traveling Havdalah set. This outstanding set consists of a sterling silver long cylinder decorated with a lovely rhombus design. Amazingly, the cylinder holds within it the Havdalah candle and the spices, as both the candle holder and the spice box are screwed into an end. Each end of the cylinder is delicately etched with the corresponding blessing from the Havdalah service, one for the candle, the other for the spices.

Havdala Set

This special cylinder comes in a fabulous box, with an extra candle and a beautiful laminated folding paper with the traditional Havdalah version printed on it, so anyone could recite the Havdalah service literally anywhere in the world. The box not only makes this set perfect for traveling, it is also extremely practical, saving space and protecting the set from blackening and bruising, thus preserving its magnificent look over time.

This excellent silver traveling Havdalah set is a perfect form of Judaica gifts, being original, amazing and practical all at the same time.

All About The Talit Clips

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When referring to Jewish Jewelry there is much more than just a Hamsa Pendant or a Star of David Pendant.

There is a special obligation of beautifying mitzvoth to prove we enjoy fulfilling the mitzvoth, it is especially felt when referring to the Talit, some add silver squares to beautify it others turn to Jewish Jewelry so they can fulfill this commandments.

The Talit is a four cornered garment made in all sizes to fit anyone interested in wearing this traditional garment, at each of the four corners there Is a hole through which four wool strings are thread and folded in half to create eight strings.  These eight strings together with the five knots made at the top of the strings represent the 613 Mitzvoth commandments the Jewish nation is obligated to keep, this is one of the reasons the Talit is worn every day so it will remind the Jewish person wearing it of all the laws he is obliged to.

The Mitzvah of the Talit Clips

talit clip

The Rabbis of the Talmud taught us that one who fulfils this mitzvah (commandment) carefully to perfection will merit that during the time of messiah he will have 2800 servants serving him.
By adding a beautiful Talit clip one can beautify his Talit and fulfill this unique Mitzvah, one of the most famous designs is the Jerusalem Talilt clips made of Sterling silver and a gorgeous 14k gold skyline of Jerusalem soldered on it this is a great gift for a Bar Mitzvah boy and a unique souvenir from the holy land with the holy city’s skyline.