The 10 things you must know before shopping for jewelry online

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Potential problemBaltinester Jewish Jewelry

Unlike some people I am lucky enough to have a lot of experience with technology and the online world. This is because as far back as I could remember I was always playing with all sorts of technology.

This means that unlike so many, I am not easily fooled by cyber criminals, and I was not only referring to the ones who are committing illegal activities. As there are many companies that try to take advantage of you.

So because many people enjoy the convenience of buying jewelry and many other items or services online, I decided to share my top ten suggestions of how to stay safe online, and also not to get ripped off when shopping online.

  1. Is the computer secure?
    It is amazing how many people fail to check their computer for potential security issues. There are very simple things you can do that will stop you getting your card and other information stolen. Simple things like, never buying an item from a public computer is a good idea. Public computers do not only include those in internet cafes, but also those at the office or located in other terminals.

    Also if you are using your home computer, then I recommend that you make sure you are either wired into the router or that your wireless network is secured with protection before buying. Never buy products over an unprotected network, or one that is not private to you alone or people you trust.

    You also need to make sure that you have a firewall configured and running as well as an up to date antivirus. Never make payments from a computer that has none of the above.

  2. Check out the shop
    Before even buying a product from an online shop, make sure it is a trusted site and company. Doing a quick look to see if this is indeed is a trusted site, will save in the long run.

    Now I am not saying it needs to have won awards or anything like that, but read customer reviews. The chances are you are not their first customer to buy from them.

  3. Check if the shop is really who they say they are
    Once you are happy that you are on a trusted site, it is always worth having a look to see if it is in fact the site of the company. Meaning that there are many copy cat sites out there that are aimed at getting your details, or simply ripe you off from mimicking another real site.

    However there are some signs to spot those types of sites. Firstly how did you come across their site? If from an email or some from of redirect, then checking the links and URL’s within the site are normally the easiest and fasted way to see if it is a real site. Do they look odd, or are there any added letters or words within the links that seems out of place to you?

    Also has the site got some form or protection within the URL when entering the cart to pay? If not then avoid using the site, as any information you may send via that site maybe intercepted and used by others.

    Does the site look and feel right to you, sometimes you can not always rely on this option as there are good fakes out there, however if it looks or feels odd then don’t shop with them.

  4. Look abound
    Looking around when buying an item is not a new thing and one not only meant for the high street. Shopping online should be easier so look around, and spend a little longer to find the best price.

    It is much easier to do these days with many products and services also have comparison sites. Although not for every item, and not all are even honest nor up to date. But looking around before buying from Google’s number one may save you a little money.

  5. If it sounds too good
    This is a very simple one, if it sounds too good to be true then it is often a sign. So you need to be careful when shopping for those too good to be true offers. As although they maybe real offers, not many companies get to be the sizes they are by giving stuff away for free or next to nothing. Even if it is a real promotion, you should ask yourself how good it can be for that price.
  6. Know your rights
    You should always read the small print and FAQ’s page, to see what their policies are. However this is not always going to protect you. This is because if the site or company is located in another country from your own, then is that country laws and consumer rights inline with your country? So in this regard research is better then relying on them to hold true to what they say.
  7. Make sure that you are happy
    Before buying any item including expensive jewelry, it is always worth piece of mind to make sure that you are fully contempt before parting with any money. So write or call the company, try making contact with them. Good companies including online ones will have great customer service. So if they have no number or you can’t get in contact with them or they don’t reply, then those are signs to avoid buying from them.
  8. Don’t give too much information
    Apart from contact and billing information, you should never hand out your passport or national security information, unless it is of a type of product or service that it is the norm. If you are unsure check first, but for most items and services you will never be asked to provide such information.
  9. Keep your documentation
    After buying anything online you should keep that proof until you have received and used the item. As I have personally experienced not receiving an item after paying for it and if I had not kept the proof then they would not have refunded me.
  10. Check statements
    Lastly you should always check your bank statements, just to make sure that you have only been charged for the items you bought.

Improving Baltinester Jewelry

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Here at Baltinester Jewerly, we value all our customers. From Susan, who bought one of our silver name rings as a Bat Mitzvah gift for her daughter, to Steve and Jill who ordered matching Jewish wedding rings, to Kathy who picked one of our Hamsa Pendants – the one she’s always wanted. Every customer is important to us. That’s why we’re constantly trying to improve our services, whether here in the Jerusalem store or on our online website.

As many of you already know, our new Jewish Jewelry and Judaica gifts website will be up on the web very soon. In fact, the new database is being installed on our server right now (That’s one step closer to having the new store up and running!). In this NEW website, we’ve done our very best to create an easy, attractive, fuss-and-frustration free online shopping experience. How? I’ll tell you.

First of all, we’ve designed the website with internet design experts. These expert gave us important input, every step of the way, on how to improve on the current website’s design which is quite outdated. I’m sure you’ll be able to see this for yourself next time you come looking for handmade cufflinks or 14K gold chains.

In addition, two days ago we attended a UX (User Experience) conference that brought together graphic designers, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts, application developers, and many more. The conference focused on improving user experience in all aspects of the internet and other wireless technologies.

One of the points that kept coming up, in various workshops, throughout the conference was the importance of simplicity. How many times have you tried to order a product online but couldn’t find the “Add to Cart” button? How often have you ordered an item on the web only to find that item is out of stock? And most importantly: How much complicated text do you have to go through before you find what you’re looking for?

On Baltinester Jewelry’s new website we’ve made every effort to make things simple. We’re adding new pictures of our name necklaces and many other items too, adding informative – yet concise – product descriptions, changing the entire interface so that you can find the roman glass jewelry easily, and inserting clear fill-in fields for names and inscriptions into name jewelry, personalized tallit clips, and wherever else applicable.

Improving the website never actually ends. It’s an ongoing project and we’re putting a lot of effort into it. And this is where you come in: Once the new website is up, if you come across missing Jerusalem Jewelry pictures, incomplete details on Star of David Pendants, a piece of Ancient coin jewelry you’re looking for but cant find — contact us and we’ll do our best to fix whatever needs fixing. We appreciate all feedback and pledge to do our best for our customers.

Thanks for your help, and see you soon on the NEW and improved Baltinester Jewelry website.

On Silver, Jewish Jewelry, and Bilbo Baggins???

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Bilbo BagginsA friend of ours, lets call him “N”, is a Judaica gifts manufacturer. His specializes in silver Kiddush cups, silver candlesticks, silver Menorahs, and more. N’s warehouse was recently broken into and absolutely cleaned out!. Can you imagine coming to work one morning and discovering that your livelihood has disappeared?

You’re first thought is probably “Poor guy, but I’m sure he has insurance.” You’re right, I’m sure he does have insurance. But above and beyond the headache of putting in a claim to the insurance, there’s also the heartache of so many hours of effort and hard work gone down the drain.

This was not a random break in; this was a planned and targeted burglary. Why him? Why now? Because of the constantly increasing price of silver.

The global market price of silver is literally skyrocketing. The price of silver keeps climbing higher – percentage wise, it’s rising even more than gold (!). This is why N’s warehouse was targeted: so that the burglars could steal the silver – for its worth as raw material – and sell it on the black market to the highest bidder.

Some Unbelievable Numbers

In the past year alone the price of silver has gone up %100. That’s right – you read correctly. If in April 2010 you bought a silver Kiddush cup from us as a Bar Mitzvah gift for $250, this week in April 2011 that same Kiddush cup costs $500. The same amount of work goes into it, but the cost of raw materials is so much higher.

Why Are We Telling You All This?

We’re telling you all this because we care about our customers. We want you to know why you’re seeing higher prices advertised on our website. You know us as an honest, reputable, jewelry establishment that’s been selling Jewish jewelry and Judaica gifts for over 60 years, and we want to keep it that way.

In “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” (2001) there’s a scene where Gandalf the Grey tries to convince Bilbo Baggins to give him the famous One Ring so that the journey to destroy the ring can begin. In one of the great famous quotes from the movie Gandalf changes his tone and says: “BILBO BAGGINS! Do not take me for a conjurer of cheap tricks! I am not trying to rob you, I’m trying to help you.”

This is the case with us here at Baltinester Jewelry: we’re not trying to rob you. We want you to know why prices have changed.

You know we only sell best quality merchandise. Whether it’s Roman glass jewelry, handmade gold jewelry, name necklaces, diamond jewelry, or anything else from our catalog – you know the items are handmade with the utmost care, paying close attention to every detail.

Remember that we’re always here for you for any question or request. Always feel free to contact us about an item you’ve bought previously or you wish to buy. You can also just write us to say hi and tell us how you’re doing. And if you’re in Israel – come visit us in person. Special treatment and special prices, guaranteed.

Cleaning Roman Glass Jewelry – Do’s, Don’ts and Definitely-Don’ts

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Can roman glass jewelry be cleaned? If so – how do you clean it? – these are questions that we get asked about roman glass jewelry every now and then. Because this is an important question in jewelry maintenance, read this first before even touching your roman glass jewelry.

Cleaning Jewelry in General

Everybody knows that jewelry needs to be cleaned every once in a while, especially gold wedding rings or handmade silver earrings. But what about roman glass jewelry? Well, roman glass jewelry needs cleaning too, but it needs extra special attention – you can’t clean it with just anything. So what should you do?

Definitely-Don’ts for Roman Glass Jewelry

Let’s start with the definitely-don’ts: Don’t get roman glass jewelry wet. If you search the internet for ways to cleanthis kind of jewelry, you’ll find some websites that will tell you to place the jewelry in a “mind jewelry-cleaning solution”. This is NOT good advice and NOT a good idea! If you’ve read such advice then you should know: This is not advice from a professional roman glass jewelry manufacturer.

Every professional, authentic, roman glass jeweler knows that roman glass jewelry will chemically react with any liquid – or even surface oil – that touches the glass. This will definitely cause discoloration and even disintegration of the glass over time. Since roman glass is 2000 years old, it should be treated as such.

Don’ts for Roman Glass Jewelry

For the same reason, when it comes to roman glass jewelry – take care to stick to the following guidelines:

  • Take off your jewelry before getting into the shower
  • Don’t go swimming with the jewelry on.
  • Try to avoid very humid places because the humidity may react with the jewelry as well.
  • Your roman glass jewelry shouldn’t come in contact with hairspray, perfume, body lotion etc.

One other important thing to remember about roman glass jewelry: avoid touching the glass with your fingers. Although our hands may seem clean to us, there is often a layer of surface oil on them. When coming in contact with roman glass , these oils can change the chemical elements of the glass and cause its colors to change and turn murky.

Do’s for Roman Glass Jewelry

Finally we come to what to do – how to clean roman glass jewelry: If you’re cleaning gold or silver roman glass jewelry, the best way to clean it is with a jewelry cleaning/polishing cloth. Use the cloth gently and carefully: polish all the areas you can reach without touching the roman glass. You’ll see that once the metal is polished, any roman glass jewelry will look shiny once more – when the metal is clean, the glass really stands out.

Another important “Do”, is to always consult an expert who knows his way around roman glass jewelry – whether about cleaning or repairing. There aren’t many of them to be found (Baltinester Jewelry is one of them), but it’s worth talking to them first. It would be such a shame to damage a stunning piece of roman glass jewelry.

One last thing to “Do” with roman glass jewelry: wear it in good health and enjoy the compliments from everyone around you. Whether a roman glass earrings or necklace for a woman, or roman glass cufflinks for a man, you can be sure that roman glass always makes a statement of beauty and class.