Thinking of having a famous style wedding ring?

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Shopping for rings

I am not sure about you, but choosing the rings where the easiest part of my wedding. I simply took my amazing wife to the shop and selected and tried on a few different rings, and then we decided bas

ed on what we both liked.

We had a few considerations, like it needed to meet the requirements fo

r a Jewish wedding, and the tone had to be inline with our skin tones. But apart from that we chose pretty simple rings.

Working with Baltinester Jewelry made me see that sometimes people do care much about their wedding rings. Our two tone Ani L’Dodi jewish wedding Ring is quite popular among wedding rings buyers.


Looking back at everything with regards to the wedding buying the rings was the easiest part, even finding a shirt took me more time. I like to think that the rings for us where only a sign of our marriage and commitment to each other, and not bought to show off to the world how much we truly love each other. For that only time will tell, as I am sure that most mature minded people would agree that although money can buy comfort, it can not buy true happiness.

The craziness

I am sure is just me, but do you ever think to yourself what a waste of money? Some of the weddings I have been to over the years have been in the thousands and a couple even over a hundred thousand. Spending that sort of money which is the norm in England, the States and many other locations to me just seems a waste of money.

Now I am not self righteous, and am not saying lets save Africa with the money, or help home the local homeless. But to me that money, even the money we spend on modest weddings could for sure be used better. One example of how it could be better spent would be to have a nice modest wedding and user the extra for a deposit on a home together, but then that’s just me.

The real madness

Taking the craziness even further, and to a whole new realm, are the celebrity and supper rich weddings. Those famous ones you all remember such as or should have heard of see below.

The five most expensive weddings:

  1. Amit Bhatia and Vanisha Mittal —- Cost: $78 Million
  2. Kate Middleton and Prince William —- Cost: $34 Million Her ring ($136,000)
  3. Al-Muhtadee Billah and Sarah Salleh Cost —- $5.7 Million
  4. Liza Minnelli & David Gest —- Cost: $4.2 Million
  5. Paul McCartney & Heather Mills —- Cost: $4.2 Million

That’s just five celebrities or supper successful couples weddings which cost together over a hundred million. So can you imagine how much is actually spent on celebrity or supper successful weddings? From what I have read in the states alone, 40 billion is spent each year on weddings. Which if you take into account the divorce rate in the States alone which is at about 50%. That makes per year 20 billion wasted.

The solution

Now this is not meant to put people off the idea of getting married, as it is a much healthier environment, then the opposite. That is if the marriage partner is chosen based on real things and not superficial wants.

I am also not saying that having a big wedding is wrong and having a beautiful wedding is a sin, as it is not. But many people spend so much time and money that they forget what matters most.

The real things that matter for making a truly great wedding in my view is the venue, a good photographer, as well as the wedding dress for the bride, and let’s also not forget each other as well as friends and family.

However for some, I do understand that choosing the right wedding rings for each other are also important and in them cases good thought needs to be added for that. However no element of the wedding is worth getting stressed over.

So if you chose to have a big or even small wedding, and the rings are standard or made by top designers, the only real thing that truly matter is how you decide to start your new life together.

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