What is the difference between a Cubic Zirconia and a Diamond?

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diamond.jpgI have been working in my jewelry shop for many years now, and I am often being asked the same questions by our customers. However the following ones seem to be being asked more and more these days, so I feel it will benefit my readers if I was to explain it. That question being what is the difference between a Cubic Zirconia (known also as a CZ) and a Diamond? Let me assure you that the question sounds much harder then it actually is. I will now explain the differences below. Read more of this article »

This is how you choose a Judaica gift, and make it personal

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Silver Candel holdersI think Judaica gifts make some really unique presents for any loved one or friend. Furthermore if I am totally honest Jewish gifts make for great treats even for oneself. The great thing about these types of gifts is that although being Jewish adds an added dimension to receiving such a gift, in reality you don’t even have to be Jewish to enjoy them. As I know many Christians who enjoy decorating their homes with this type of special ornamentations. Taking it a step further you don’t even need to be religious to enjoy the special beauty of such items, this is because any person who appreciates history and traditions will surly take pleasure in such items. Read more of this article »

The difference between treated and untreated Roman Glass

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What is Roman Glass?

Before I write about the differences, it is a good idea to explain what Roman Glass is. Well it is Silver Roman Glass Pendantnot hard to guess, but to clarify in simple words it is glass which was made throughout the Roman period.

The timescale of when it was made is most likely between the years of 27 BC until 476 Common Era, which was the time when the Romans where at their strongest. However it is likely the material was also made later on in history. As although Rome stopped being the power it once was, it lasted a further five hundred years. It is also likely that even after the Roman Empire toppled that people continued to make glass the same way. Read more of this article »