18K Yellow and White Gold Diamond Ani L’Dodi Ring

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The latest addition to our selection of Jewish Wedding Rings is guaranteed to be the most stunning one you have ever seen so far. This 18K Yellow and White Gold Diamon Ani L’Dodi Ring is a true masterpiece.

What are the things you need to have for a beautiful wedding ring? A gold ring – this ring has got it. Its base is a Florentine yellow gold band. Yellow gold is not enough? The ring has white gold rings incorporated into it too. Diamonds – the rings has so many diamonds set in the two white gold rings fitted on top of the yellow gold band. They shimmer and sparkle, and make for a spectacular look.

What about extra value? This amazing 18K Yellow and White Gold Diamond Ani L’Dodi Ring also has an inscription on it: Its inscribed with the famous Hebrew Ani L’dodi verse that means: “I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine.” Surely this ring is one of the most breathtaking Jewish Wedding Rings, and it’s waiting just for you!

Special Havdalah Sets, Just for You!

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We at Baltinester Jewelry offer the perfect solution. Available for purchase is a gorgeous one of a kind silver traveling Havdalah set. This outstanding set consists of a sterling silver long cylinder decorated with a lovely rhombus design. Amazingly, the cylinder holds within it the Havdalah candle and the spices, as both the candle holder and the spice box are screwed into an end. Each end of the cylinder is delicately etched with the corresponding blessing from the Havdalah service, one for the candle, the other for the spices.

Havdala Set

This special cylinder comes in a fabulous box, with an extra candle and a beautiful laminated folding paper with the traditional Havdalah version printed on it, so anyone could recite the Havdalah service literally anywhere in the world. The box not only makes this set perfect for traveling, it is also extremely practical, saving space and protecting the set from blackening and bruising, thus preserving its magnificent look over time.

This excellent silver traveling Havdalah set is a perfect form of Judaica gifts, being original, amazing and practical all at the same time.