The Chai – The Classical And More Sofisticated Pendant Designs

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In Jewish jewelry today the chai is one of the most popular pieces if not the most popular, thanks to its deep meaning and unlimited possibilities of design.
The classical and most common design is a beautiful yellow gold two letter chai pendant with no additional features.
When seeking meaning for the famous chai pendant all possibilities are open, the first thought that comes to mind obviously is “life” (chai in Hebrew means life).
Life is the beginning of all creation the possibility and opportunity to do sacred and holy work.

The greatest present given

Chai pendantsThe greatest present given to mankind by god is the power to reproduce and ultimately the power to create life therefore we become a partner with god in creation, leading many to believe that the chai pendants can actually cause good luck.

Furthermore, the chai pendant has a numerical value of 18 and so 18 has become a lucky number too. In rabbinical teachings it is found to be the advised age of marriage maybe for the same reason.

The Butterfly Star of David

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Jewish Jewelry is always looking for more possibilities to reach out to our brothers abroad and fill them with comfort and connection to our heritage.

The unique powers and great history behind the Star of David are well known and can be found in our article The Star of David Pendant.
star of david pendant
This unique design of the classic Star of David was created by an Israeli top artist  especially for the Jews amongst us not lucky enough to live in our holy land. Or perhaps for the Jews living in a hostile community filled with antisemitism. This outstanding Butterfly Star of David Pendant is interchangeable as it turns from a dazzling Diamond set Star of David to a gorgeous diamond set butterfly necklace leaving no trace of the Star of David all this can be done at the snap of a finger thanks to the brilliant mind of this artist.

The Butterfly Star of David is a great way to connect with our tradition as it origins from King David since some of us are not capable to protest our Judaism in public this Butterfly Star of David is the best way to stay connected yet safe from any harm as the Star of David Pendants are also known to be a great talisman