Name Necklaces By Request

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Recently we were contacted via our website by a woman who was looking for Name Necklaces. This happens quite often – people contact us to inquire about name jewelry or to purchase a certain item they saw on our site. But this woman wasn’t looking for just any necklace. She wanted something special.

Why was her request so special? The client requested we create a very customized necklace for her. She wanted a white gold nameplate necklace with Hebrew block letters, decorated with sparkling diamonds. Now, a necklace with sparkling stones is one thing, but a necklace with diamond – that’s a different story altogether!

The result is before you: look at the picture above and see for yourselves. Our talented jewelers designed the letters and inserted the diamonds carefully, one by one, into their places. The end result being one of the most dazzling pieces of name jewelry we have created in a long time. And we have been in the business of creating Name Necklaces for decades! You have to agree – this one is a real beauty.

How Did The Pomegranate Become Popular In Jewish Jewelry Designs?

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Jewish Jewelry is all about using the unique symbols of Judaism in modern jewelry.

The Pomegranate is one of the seven fruits Israel was blessed with. When Moses sent the spies to scout the land of Israel one of the fruits they brought back was a pomegranate, this proving the land of Israel is blessed.

In Judaism the pomegranate symbolizes prosperity and righteousness. On Rosh Hashanah there is a custom to eat fruits which remind or symbolize good, one of the fruits is the pomegranate which is said to have 613 seeds like the number of the mitzvoth in the torah. Another reason we eat the pomegranate is since we wish to be fruitful and succeed throughout the upcoming year.

King Solomon and The Pomegranate

The PomegranateWhen King Solomon built the first holy temple in Jerusalem he used pomegranates to decorate the top of the two pillars in the main entrance known as the Yachin and Boaz.

The pomegranate in Jewish Jewelry is used in all forms, the most famous is the Silver Pomegranate Pendant beautifully designed to proclaim all of the pomegranate factors.

The pomegranate is also used many times to describe beauty, as in the Song of Songs written by King Solomon.

Another interesting fact said about the Pomegranate is that one who sees a pomegranate in his dream will have success in his business. (berachot 57a)

The pomegranate is also known to be very healthy and helps reduce the risk factors of heart disease.

The Menorah – A New Trend In Jewish Jewelry

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Used in the ancient Holy Temple in Jerusalem and today by the state of Israel as our official emblem. The Menorah has been a Jewish symbol for over 3000 years. The Menorah is becoming a new trend in Jewish jewelry used in many variations such as The “Menorah Ring” and The “Menorah Pendant“. God commanded Moses to craft the Menorah from one single parcel of gold.

Some Trivia information about The Menorah


One interesting aspect of the Menorah is the fact that it is the only vessel Moses struggled to build until God actually showed Moses a Menorah. The menorah was also said to be created with three different designs: cups, knops and flowers carved out of one piece of gold.

One way to explain this unusual command is that each design represents a different type of person within the Jewish people representing need for unity among Jews.
In today’s Jewish world the menorah pendant is very unique as it represents unity and support to the state of Israel.