Silver & Gold Jerusalem of Gold Cuff Bracelet

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A new and amazing product on our site which I had to tell you about is a gorgeous silver & gold Jerusalem of Gold cuff bracelet. This beautiful bracelet is made of 925 marked sterling silver with a smooth shiny texture. Across the bracelet is the essence of the jewel – a magnificent 14k gold decoration of Jerusalem’s fabulous skyline. The fact that the decoration is made of shiny yellow gold on a silver base actually lights up the skyline. The cuff is also great, with you not needing to worry about the bracelet falling off or being broken.

Jerusalem Jewelry
This fantastic cuff bracelet is a great piece of Jerusalem jewelry which not only is beautiful but is very meaningful as well. With Jerusalem being the eternal capital of the Jewish people for over 3,000 years, just wearing such a piece is enough to feel the deep connection to this holy city. It is said that ten measures of beauty were given to the world by G-d, and Jerusalem took nine of them – which of course anyone who has ever been to this unique city already knows.

The city is not only unique in its special stones and buildings – especially in the old city. It is a city with a fantastic rare atmosphere. The combination of old and new, religious and secular and the different religions found there is a great part of the reason why so many people from all over the world seek to visit this city.

Jerusalem Of Gold

So with Jerusalem being so historical and modern, with a long history spanning three millenniums, it is clear why wearing a jewel with Jerusalem of Gold on it gives a special feeling. Looking at the cuff bracelet, a person can’t help but feel the bond and yearning to this holy capital. So the next time you are searching for that special rare jewel, for yourself or for your loved ones, you will definitely hit the jackpot with this marvelous silver & gold Jerusalem of Gold cuff bracelet.

All About The Talit Clips

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When referring to Jewish Jewelry there is much more than just a Hamsa Pendant or a Star of David Pendant.

There is a special obligation of beautifying mitzvoth to prove we enjoy fulfilling the mitzvoth, it is especially felt when referring to the Talit, some add silver squares to beautify it others turn to Jewish Jewelry so they can fulfill this commandments.

The Talit is a four cornered garment made in all sizes to fit anyone interested in wearing this traditional garment, at each of the four corners there Is a hole through which four wool strings are thread and folded in half to create eight strings.  These eight strings together with the five knots made at the top of the strings represent the 613 Mitzvoth commandments the Jewish nation is obligated to keep, this is one of the reasons the Talit is worn every day so it will remind the Jewish person wearing it of all the laws he is obliged to.

The Mitzvah of the Talit Clips

talit clip

The Rabbis of the Talmud taught us that one who fulfils this mitzvah (commandment) carefully to perfection will merit that during the time of messiah he will have 2800 servants serving him.
By adding a beautiful Talit clip one can beautify his Talit and fulfill this unique Mitzvah, one of the most famous designs is the Jerusalem Talilt clips made of Sterling silver and a gorgeous 14k gold skyline of Jerusalem soldered on it this is a great gift for a Bar Mitzvah boy and a unique souvenir from the holy land with the holy city’s skyline.

The Dove of Peace

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Jewish Jewelry is a way to support top values such as peace, loyalty etc. Since the dawn of creation just after the greatest flood known to man the dove has become a symbol of peace.
As the story is written in the Torah seven days after the waters of the flood decreased, Noah sent forth a dove to see if the waters abated. As the story continues the dove came back with an olive leaf, as a sign from G-d of peace between mankind and the waters of destruction.
After Noah came out of the ark and built an alter he made an offering to God. God made a Covenant with man never to destroy the earth after the flood. Another interesting aspect of the dove is that it changes its mate only in the case of death.
This act of loyalty explains why the dove is such a striking symbol of peace. In today’s hectic world filled with many radical activists the need for peace is required more than ever.

The Dove Of Peace-A Piece of Work

The Dove Of Peace

One of the most original Dove of Peace Pendants found in the market today is a stunning piece by YANIV, the extremely talented and master of contemporary design.
His brilliant creation of combining a Star of David  with the Dove of Peace forms a unique Dove of Peace Star of  David Pendant into an extraordinary art form.
The Dove of Peace Star of  David Pendant is a symbol of harmony between history and the modern era. You can look for more Jewish Jewelry with the dove of peace on our online store.