The Lion of Judah-More than a Symbol

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Judah the fourth son of Jacob was the leader of the twelve tribes. When the brothers cast Joseph to the pit it was Judah that said what profit is it for us to slay our brother let us sell him to the Ishmaelites.

The Next Chapeter

The next chapter starts: “And it came to pass at the time, that Judah went down from his brothers”.

The Star Of Judah

This implying he was demoted from his position. In the desert each tribe had its own flag, Judas flag was inscribed with a lion. This based on Jacobs blessing Judah is a lion’s cub.

Judah was compared to a lion thanks to his noble behavior. First, regarding Joseph’s sale, Second, in the story of Tamar his daughter in law, suspected to be pregnant from adultery he judged her to be burnt she claimed her innocence by showing the staff, signet and cords saying to whom this belongs I am pregnant.
Judah acknowledged them and admitted to be the cause of her pregnancy. Once again showing his nobility and earning kingship.
Today the city of Jerusalem uses the Lion of Judah as its symbol, to resemble strength as the capital of Israel.
The Lion of Judah Pendant, expresses strength and nobleness as it is associated with Judah, the beginner of the Judean kingdom.
The classical lion of Judah pendant is 14k yellow gold featuring the beauty of the lion’s mane.

In ancient times men signed documents with rings, a mans ring was his personal identity and stamp, today by wearing a Lion of Judah Ring, one can spiritually connect to one of the most noble men of all times, Judah, the son of Jacob. Jewish Jewelry today expresses power, beauty and significance in one place, just like Mr. Judah.