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Can’t have a Jewish Wedding Ceremony without Jewish Wedding Rings

Jewish wedding rings are crucial to the legality of the Jewish wedding. According to Jewish tradition, a Jewish wedding Ceremony is deemed valid only if the groom designates the bride as his own with an item of value. He gives her a gift and this action is considered a Jewish legal binding agreement of marriage. Usually, this gift is a ring and most of the time – a gold wedding ring.

The Origin of Jewish wedding Rings

Jewish Wedding

Ever ask yourself were Jewish wedding rings come from? In the past Jewish wedding rings were not a must like there are today. In ancient times the groom didn’t give his bride a gold wedding ring, but rather a few gold coins – if he was rich, or other forms of money – if he couldn’t afford gold. This was the way in which the groom sanctified his bride. It was also believed that gold, silver, or other precious metals would bring prosperity to the new couple.
As the years passed – although still in quite ancient times – it became common practice for the gold coins to be exchanged for Jewish wedding rings. As long as the money or the Jewish wedding rings were entirely owed by the groom before he gave it to the bride – the marriage was considered legal by Jewish law.

Jewish Wedding Rings: Designs

Although in modern times Jewish wedding rings are still considered to bring prosperity to the newly wed couple, the rising price of gold and different Jewish  jewelry trends have contributed to different Jewish wedding rings designs.
Many Jewish wedding rings can be found in the marketplace today, made of metals other than gold – silver wedding rings and platinum wedding rings are some of the more popular choices.
And still the best selling Jewish wedding rings today are gold wedding rings and diamond wedding rings, and the gold Jewish wedding rings are widely available in both yellow and white gold.
Basic Jewish wedding rings include –
•    Plain wedding bands
•    Ani L’dodi Jewish wedding rings
•    Jewish wedding rings inscribed with biblical verses
•    Textured Jewish wedding rings – hammered, criss-cross design
•    Jewish wedding rings with decorative elements – floral or leaf motifs.