Jewish Jewelry Box of Old: Baltinester Jewelry History

Posted by naama on February 21, 2011 under Jewish Jewelry | Be the First to Comment

The outer box that arrived in the mailAlthough spring is still some time away, we’ve been doing some cleaning here at Baltinester’s Jewish jewelry store. And although we haven’t found any old and forgotten Jewish jewelry, we have found an old and forgotten Jewish jewelry box. Since the story of the box is quite a quirky one, we decided to share it with you. So here we go – the story of the old Jewish jewelry box.

Three years ago one of the workers at Baltinester Jewish jewelry was on popular shopping portal online. Just for kicks, he searched “Baltinester” to see what would come up. Presumably he thought he would find some of our Jewish jewelry items that were being sold second hand. To his surprise the search yielded a single item: an old Baltinester Jewish jewelry cardboard box. The price for said box? A small sum of 5 US dollars, free shipping.

Needless to say we bought the small Jewish jewelry box for $5 and it was shipped to us in Israel almost immediately. We received a box (of course we did, that’s what we ordered) addressed to us, with a US postal service sticker in the amount of $4.50. This means that the person who sent us the old Jewish jewelry box only made a profit of 50 cents, since shipping was free.

The box cover had another sticker on it – a customs declaration sticker. Can you imagine the customs official’s expression when he read the words “Used Box” in the “detailed description of contents” field? They must have thought, “Who is the crazy person who wants a used box mailed to them?” You have to admit, it does sound a little bizarre.

When we opened the outer box we found — another box, a smaller box on which the seller had written “Thank you!!”. Inside this second box was – you guessed it: another box. This third box was the prized old Baltinester Jewish jewelry box.

The box within the box Close up: the final prize - Baltinester Jewish Jewelry Box (1" X 1")

What did the box look like? It was a small 1 inch by 1 inch jewelry box, used probably for some kind of Jewish jewelry – a Star of David pendant, a hamsa charm – or perhaps a Hebrew name necklace we’ve been known for these past 60 years. The box was covered with the official Baltinester Bros. Jewish jewelry emblem sticker of the time, and included the store’s address in English and Hebrew, and a Menorah.

It was so nice of the anonymous seller to go to so much trouble in order to make sure that our vintage Jewish jewelry box arrived safely back to wherest it originally left years ago. The seller put our box in a box, in another box, went to the post office, and paid the postage fee of almost as much as we paid for the box in the first place! All of this – just so we can enjoy an old inch by inch box.

Although we don’t know who the original owner of the box was, and we don’t know what Jewish jewelry was originally put in the box, we hope that our Jewish jewelry – and our reputation – will continue to stand the test of time in the future as well as it did in the past.

So this was the story of how we bought back our own Jewish jewelry box, for $5, about 40 years after we gave it away. And the rest – as they say in the classics – is history.