Jewish Wedding Rings

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jewish wedding rings for The Jewish wedding ceremony

A Jewish wedding ceremony requires the groom to gift a ring to the bride and place the ring on the index finger of the bride. This ritual dates back to the ancient tradition when the grooms were required to gift a guinea to the bride as a token of their ever lasting relationship. The rings used in the wedding ceremonies are called the wedding rings. In modern times, many brides also gift jewish wedding rings to the grooms.

Origin of the jewish wedding rings

During a Jewish wedding ceremony the bride wear jewish wedding ring that they get as a gift from the groom. The origin of the jewish wedding rings can be traced back to those ancient times when gold guineas were used to be gifted. Ancient monotheistic religions like that of Judaism attached great importance to the use of gold. Gold signified power and prosperity. Therefore gold guineas were in use. In modern times the same logic applies to gifting of jewish wedding rings – to bring prosperity to the newly married couple.

But then with the price of gold touching the sky, changing trend of jewelry, would be grooms and would be brides have resorted to wedding rings forged of sterling silver, diamond or platinum.

Design of jewish wedding rings

The jewish wedding rings are usually found in two varieties – yellow gold and white gold. The white gold is an alloy of gold and a white metal (nickel, rhodium or palladium).

The basic designs of jewish wedding rings are

  • Hammered
  • Wavy
  • Floral
  • Leafy branched
  • Criss cross

The designs of the jewish wedding rings are done manually by skilled artisans

jewish wedding rings are considered to be classy as opposed to the silver or platinum rings that are considered to be trendy. The classiness of these jewish wedding rings depends on the nature of finishing done on to them by the craftsmen. The finishing touches can be polished, hammered or brushed. Classic jewish wedding rings neither contain any other metal (silver or nickel) nor are studded with any precious stones. The motto behind this is to retain the purity of the jewish wedding rings that would signify that the brides acknowledge the marriage with a pure heart.

Other than the classic designs, jewish wedding rings are engraved with the names of the brides for whom the jewish wedding rings are bought.

Price of jewish wedding rings

Price of jewish wedding rings varies anywhere between $220 and $890. Price of jewish wedding rings depend on the metal used (whether it is pure or an alloy) and the complexity of the designs. jewish wedding rings with a more complex design pattern costs more than jewish wedding rings with a simple design.

Where to buy Jewish wedding rings from?

Jewish wedding rings straight from the holy land of Jerusalem can either be bought from jewelry showrooms or through online shopping portals like Baltinester Jewelry store. Buying of Jewish wedding rings online has its own advantages. Often the shopping portals offer a discount in the market price of the Jewish wedding rings. This is coupled with the fact that the shopping portals also arrange for free shipping and home delivery of the Jewish wedding rings. Payment is done through cards.

Also these online shopping portals offer interactive services. If buyers want to customize their Jewish wedding rings, it is easily arranged. Buyers can enter the measurement of their finger and get tailor made Jewish wedding rings.

Jewish wedding rings can become part of family treasure and passed on to the next generations through inheritance. Though they are available in various other colors (white, yellow, red) it is better to opt for yellow Jewish wedding rings because the yellow Jewish wedding rings are hundred percent pure.