Every Kiddush Needs It’s Kiddush Cup

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Kiddush in Hebrew means sanctification. In Jewish, a blessing – Kiddush, is recited to sanctify a Jewish ceremony, a Shabbat or Bar Mitzvah. Jewish law reinforces that Kiddush ceremony be observed before meals on Jewish holidays eve. Kiddush is a blessing recited over grape juice or wine. Kiddush is ceremonial meal which includes fish, crackers, and cake and it needs a Kiddush Cups.

On Shabbat mornings Kiddush is recited over liquor. Sometimes the wine is diluted with water as an old custom. Traditionally, the respected guest must be served with a drink. The kiddush Cups is filled a specific serving of drink or wine to celebrate the eve.

For this ceremony often a Silver Kiddush Cups, though not necessary, is used while reciting Kiddush to honor the torah commandments. After reciting Kiddush, the person drinks wine from the Cups and the wine is shared among other participants. Because of this Kiddush Cups are considered to be an appropriate gift.

In Israel, Silver Kiddush Cups are necessary for religious ceremonies. Religious symbols are engraved on these sterling silver kiddush Cups. Ceremonial Biblical verses are recited over Kiddush Cups from Israel. In Jewish tradition, different customs are observed depending upon the communal or family tradition. The occasion is marked by reciting the kiddush in different Cups. The Kiddush is recited while sitting or standing while the Silver Cups is filled with wine.

The Silver Cups to be used for Kiddush may have Hebrew text and verses engraved for Friday night, wedding, and for Shabbat meal. These Cups are specially designed for these occasions. To celebrate a wedding, a birthday, or a bar or bat mitzvah, the family hosts a Kiddush. The Kiddush blessing is recited to bless the occasion and people present.

Israel Kiddush Cups, Wedding Kiddush Cups, and Cups made of Silver are in high demand among Jewish. A person staying out of Israel can purchase Kiddush Cups using online portals or shops. These Cups are family assets and are passed on from one generation to the next. These Cups are also good gift items and they can be personalized with inscription. People get them specially designed for the occasion also.

Jeweler or artisans design these Cups while keeping in mind the tradition and occasion. These Cups are also studded with various semi-precious stones. The status of the family, occasion, and the tradition of the eve decides the kind of Cups.

In Israel the authentic Kiddush Cups are made in Silver or any metal desired by the customer. These are specially designed for the esteemed customer. It is an owner’s pride to own the Cups. Every family has a distinct tradition to have a unique Kiddush Cups.

Jewish jewelers give special attention to designing these Cups. Nowadays, these articles can be ordered or purchased using internet. The authentic jewelers have created special websites to showcase these specific designs for these Kiddush Cups. You also get certification of authentication from the vendors.

Star of David Pendants

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You have got to see this Diamond Star of David Pendant. This is, by far, one of the most dazzling Star of David Pendants we have ever created! This is a piece you have to see for yourselves! The picture pails in comparison with the original, especially if you’re holding it in your hand or wearing it around your neck.

14K White Gold Diamond Star of David PendantThe pendant is 18k white gold, set with 3.5 ct. of vs. sparkling diamonds: The outer borders are set with beautiful round stones, and the inner sections are set with elegant baguette-cut stones. Placed in the center is a 1/2 ct. diamond that really catches the eye.

As with all our other Star of David Pendants, we take pride in the design of even the smallest of details: The bale attached to this magnificent pendant opens from the back so that you can wear it with just about any chain, regardless of its thickness.

The effect of this piece is absolutely outstanding. It feels like you’re wearing one great big diamond. And what a statement it makes!

Adding diamonds to this pendant (or to any other pendants for that matter), is a great way to add sparkle – literally – to one of the Jewish nation’s everlasting symbols. The picture really doesn’t do it justice. This is definitely the most amazing pendant among our selection of Star of David Pendants.

Jewish Wedding Rings

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Why are Jewish Wedding Rings different from any other wedding rings? Isn’t a wedding ring just that – a wedding ring? What, if anything, makes it Jewish?

14K Gold and Diamond Ani L'Dodi Wedding RingWell, as with most things in Judaism, there are long-lasting traditions about the Jewish wedding ceremony. In this particular case – the traditions are not only customs but are actually Jewish Law. In order for a union between a bride and groom to be legally binding, Jewish law dictates several rules that must be observed. Otherwise, from a Jewish point of view, the marriage is not considered a legal bond.

According to these laws, one of the most crucial elements of the Jewish union is… you guessed it: the wedding ring. This is why Jewish Wedding Rings are so important. Jewish Law states that the groom must sanctify his bride with a valuable token, which must be his – and only his – own possession. For almost 2 millennia this token has been a ring, bought by the groom with his own money, presented to the bride under the Chuppa (the wedding canopy, but you knew that) in the presence of two witnesses.

More often than not the groom chooses a ring for his bride from a selection of gold wedding rings, although silver wedding rings are not unheard of. In either case, the most important feature of the ring is its simplicity. The ring must be a simple round band with no stones or diamonds for decoration. Jewish sages instated this law so that the bride won’t be so overwhelmed by the beauty of the ring that she’ll forget why she’s marrying the groom: because she loves him, not because he’s rich.

If you’re asking yourselves, “So how come the Baltinester Bros. website has Jewish Wedding Rings with meaningful verses from the bible on them? Those are no simple bands!” The answer is because these are additional rings, above and beyond the ceremonial ring used for the official wedding ceremony. Additional rings can have words on them, diamonds, cutout areas – you name it!

Many couples feel that they want to add a more personalized message to the wedding ring. They do so in the way of a beautifully decorated ring, sometimes including a verse of love from the ancient everlasting Bible. And since the Bible is universal, these rings are not only Jewish – they are suitable for anyone who wishes to wear those eternal words of love on their finger.

Traditionally, gold wedding rings have been yellow gold, however white gold is becoming more and more popular and accepted. In this case, the color doesn’t matter as long as you’ve chosen the Jewish Wedding Rings (groom gets a ring too, doesn’t he?) that you love and will cherish for the rest of your life.

Jewish Jewelry is highly in demand!

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Welcome To Baltinester Jewish Jewelry Blog,

In the world market of jewelry business we feel that our Jewish Jewelry is highly in demand. When Jewish motifs changed from religious articles to ornamental jewelry the world witnessed a whole array of beautiful ornaments. Today it is not just another piece of jewelry but serves a dual purpose of strengthening the spiritual bond with Judaism. It is believed that it adds a sparkle of holiness to the attire.

The most popular Hebrew jewelry items that come with Jewish motifs are mainly pendants, bracelets, chains, earrings, etc. The Jewish connection like Jewish Star of David can be part of all jewelries. The leading decorative motifs of Judaica jewelry is Hebrew symbols and alphabets.

Irrespective of the religious background, Jewish young girls these days love to study in depth of the Jewish traditions. These items can work as great Bat Mitzvah jewelry gifts for them.

•    Star of David necklaces,
•    Bat Mitzvah jewelry boxes with Jewish themes
•    handmade Israeli jewelry,
•    name necklaces,
•    Hamsa earrings,
•    Shabbat candleholders,
•    Kabbalah protection jewelry like bracelets,
•    Hamsa home decor and gift items.

Motifs which are inspired from Kabbalah studies and which aspire to create positive effects on life form the main designs of Kabbalah jewelry. It mainly showcases:

•    Designed amulets
•    Luck charms
•    Fish and the eye symbols
•    Star of David pendant
•    Hamsa hand

Kabbalah jewelry like other Jewish jewelry is mostly worn to evade evil energies as it is a belief that these symbols ward off such negative influences. The Star of David Necklaces symbolizes the fact its bearer will be safe from all types of evil happenings as the star will guard him.

The Star of David necklaces are one of the most popular Jewish Jewelry and are available in gold, silver and other metals with decorative diamonds embedded on it. It contains the entire Hebrew alphabet in it. This symbol is found not only in necklaces but in pendants and bracelets as well. Say it superstition, but Jewish people love to believe that they are a religious lot and well protected from evil powers.

Jewish Pendants are very exclusive and are available mostly in symbols which signify some religious ritual or belief. Shaped like a hand and referred to also as the Hand of Miriam, this Hamsa pendant is believed to have the powers to protect from evil spirits.

The Jewish pendants help its owner to connect to Judaism. Crafted by  leading Israeli artists, a large variety of classic and unique pendants are available in different color, designs and sizes, set with diamonds, stones, Roman glass and more.

Though Jewish Jewelry has been commercialized it has kept a firm grip on its historical and religious background and that is what makes it so alluring. Online shops have been developed for offering Jewish jewelry to people from all over the world. You can place online orders and get them delivered at your place soon.